Identity & Access Management

Most enterprise customers are beginning to realize the value of identity and access management (IdM) technology framework as an integral part of their arsenal of security tools. Corporate Information Security Officers are paying particular attention to IdM providers that are focused on a strategy to simplify the implementation process. Enterprise Users are being driven to adopt Identity Management (IdM) technology primarily because of the need to comply with regulations such as HIPAA, SOX and PCI. They need to prove auditability and ensure appropriate access being provisioned to various Resources and govern Identity management. Acumen offers robust framework and expertise to Organizations that are actively looking for IdM solutions and practices implementation.

Our Capabilities:

  • IDM Solution Implementation
  • Cloud based IdM solutions
  • Access Lifecycle Governance Management Tools
  • Mobile Security
  • Risk Management Framework

Public Safety Software & Solutions

Information management and analysis is essential for any organization involved in public safety and homeland security. Whether a police officer on patrol, a DEA agent at the border or a first responder at a tanker truck accident, it is critical that information is delivered instantly, accurately and securely.

Acumen helps implement software which provides timely, accurate retrieval of information for use in investigations, intelligence reporting and crime analysis.

Master Data Management

Acumen addresses all maturity levels, and assists customers examine data management tools and technologies that can dramatically improve the visibility, accuracy and usefulness of an organization's critical data.

Business Process Management

BPM can be fraught with challenges, due to the scale and breadth of skills, attributes, and tools needed to be successful. The Acumen Business Process Management group will help you to advance your BPM projects, improve your team skills and deliver truly transformational BPM to your organization.

Our Capabilities:

  • Developing a compelling business case for BPM to get buy-in from business management.
  • Overcome the barriers to BPM success — Silos, Politics, and Culture.
  • Review change management techniques to effectively deal with the changes.
  • Examine the convergence of BPM, MDM, Enterprise Architecture and Business Intelligence.
  • Get an early understanding of the next generation of BPM technologies.
  • Understand the organizational components, key roles and skills needed for BPM success and how to communicate BPM successes.
  • Learn techniques for designing social processes.

Portals, Content & Collaboration

Acumen Portals, Content & Collaboration practice is designed to help IT and business executives get the most out of their existing and new investments and initiatives in the areas of internal, cloud-based and mobile instances of portals, enterprise content management systems, enterprise information management systems, messaging and communications, collaboration and social software.

Our Capabilities:

  • Overcoming challenges of a mobile, always-on workplace!
  • Exploit social engagement to drive innovation.
  • Decide when to use cloud and Saas options, cost-effectively and safely.